Corporate & Legal translations

With over 30 years’ experience in corporate translations, CMT is a unique partner for Corporate & Legal Affairs departments at all kinds of companies, especially listed ones.

We offer our professionalism to a number of leading companies in the energy, pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors and our team of expert translators is always on hand to assist legal firms, notaries, tax agencies, banks, audit and consulting companies and public organisations to translate legal documentation respecting the required deadlines.

CMT’s contribution to quality in
legal and corporate translations

CMT guarantees excellent translation of legal and corporate documents, empowered by the following quality requirements:

  • Selection of specialised translators who, in addition to excellent language skills, boast a solid and reliable background in the legislation and laws of the countries corresponding to the languages for which translation is required;
  • Rigorous use of appropriate sector-specific terminology for the corporate/legal world;
  • Speed and dynamics that favour streamlined turnarounds when managing and sending documents;
  • Discretion and confidentiality when handling contracts, deeds, statements, certificates and any material received.

The corporate and legal services provided by expert translators in local and international jurisdictions give customers the best support for their needs, in accordance with the law.

CONSOB REGULATIONS: Translations filed with information storage and disclosure systems

The regulations that grant legal validity to a certain type of documentation require specialist corporate translators.

Companies listed on foreign stock exchanges must be compliant with the obligations outlined by the supervisory bodies on the financial markets where the individual company is listed.

For the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, the supervisory body is CONSOB (public authority responsible for regulating the Italian financial markets).

Corporate documentation must often be translated into the language of foreign shareholders and made available on information storage and disclosure systems.

The sites authorised by CONSOB in Italy are “1Info” and “eMarket Storage”. Each country has its own information distribution systems governed by equivalent bodies, such as EDGAR Company Filings in the United States.

Sworn or notarised translation,
legalised or apostilled translation and certified translation

CMT provides sworn and notarised translations of corporate documents. In various situations, signing an oath statement for a translation in a court or notary office grants it legal value.

Sworn translation, alongside document legalisation, is essential for a document, deed or certificate to be used for the purposes envisaged by the law in countries other than the country of origin. In many cases, translations can be sworn in court or at a notary office by sworn translators who are registered with the CTU (Register of Technical Experts) at an Italian court, or members of professional interpreter and translator associations pursuant to Italian Law no.4/2013 and members of official lists of translators and interpreters at public organisations.

When to ask for a sworn translation

Sworn translations might be requested for technical and economic documentation to take part in tenders, for documents needed to set up a company or overseas branches, for legal disputes and litigation, and for many other purposes.

Here are just some examples of the types of corporate documents we manage:

  • Contracts
  • Judicial, legal and notary documents
  • Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy rulings and documents for bankruptcy proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Fiscal, tax and trade union disputes
  • Judgements
  • Rulings
  • Powers of attorney
  • Company by-laws
  • Company profiles
  • Mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property, due diligence
  • Transfer pricing
  • Personal documents and certificates and chamber of commerce certificates
  • Statutory accounts, consolidated financial statements, explanatory notes
  • Bank documents
  • Financial reports
  • Shareholder notices
  • Prospectuses
  • IPOs
  • Audit reports

Financial statements and explanatory notes, LTIPs, bond issues, minutes from shareholders’ meetings, minutes from BoD (Board of Directors) meetings, minutes from AGMs (Annual General Meetings), minutes from Board of Statutory Auditors’ meetings, minutes from board committee meetings (Appointments Committee, Remuneration Committee, Control and Risk Committee, Corporate Governance Committee, Audit Committee, ESG Committee), powers of attorney, chamber of commerce certificates, company by-laws, articles of association, call notices, extracts from shareholders’ meeting call notices, ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, shareholders’ meeting resolutions, meeting agendas (agenda items), reports on operations, corporate governance reports, Board of Statutory Auditors’ reports), regulations for issuer companies, expressions of interest, strategic plans and business plans.