Simultaneous translation equipment hire

If your event involves speakers and an audience with different nationalities you will most likely need simultaneous translation, or rather simultaneous interpreting. The more difficult the subject matter, the more concentration required by the simultaneous interpreter. So why not make life easier for interpreters , by providing them with professional and reliable equipment that guarantees excellent noise cancellation?

To ensure a calm environment and the highest-quality simultaneous translation, customers can hire simultaneous translation equipment for multilingual events (press or regular conferences, scientific or medical conventions, board meetings, meetings with financial companies, refresher courses, shareholders’ meetings or depositions with solicitors present).

Simultaneous translation equipment hire: soundproof booth

The soundproof booth is the ideal place for simultaneous interpreters to work. A calm environment, where distractions are practically reduced to zero, makes it possible to achieve exceptional results.

Although conference interpreters are a group of elite professionals, without the use of a soundproof booth, background noise can make their job tricky.

The hire of a soundproof booth – considered the best solution for professional simultaneous translations – also comprises other technological equipment, such as interpreter microphones and audience headphones. What’s more, when the soundproof booth cannot be set up in the event space itself, it can still be set up in a nearby room, using closed-circuit television and monitors that allow interpreters to see the speakers live and, if necessary, any presentation slides or videos.

Simultaneous translation equipment hire: bidule

In cramped spaces or for instant on-the-go translation, the soundproof booth is no longer an option. At this point, the best solution is the bidule, essentially a portable simultaneous translation system that is light and easy to transport in a backpack or case containing wide-range digital receivers (up to 100 m) and headphones. The bidule is also useful in less formal situations, such as company tours or guided tours of museums, exhibitions, galleries and archaeological sites, workshops, excursions and city tours.

In addition to equipment hire, we can provide simultaneous translation services by offering customers our interpreters’ expertise and at least 10 years’ experience.