Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

At long last, remote simultaneous translation via smartphone and app or receivers.

Technological innovation that supports your event

The current technological revolution – and its resulting impact on our habits – has made it possible to develop new accessible and usable opportunities for multilingual events. The favourable conditions of the present-day context took RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) from concept to reality.

Characteristics and specifications of remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote simultaneous translation was created to meet the pressing needs of the modern market and its unexpected dynamics. Its ease of use, which meets unexpected and often urgent demand, does not require extensive prior notice like other types of simultaneous translation. What’s more, remote simultaneous translation has an excellent track record as a solution for multilingual events that:

– do not have space on site for soundproof booths;

– have limited spending budgets;

– do not have the availability of on-site interpreters on the scheduled day.

The breakthrough of remote simultaneous translation

With CMT’s remote simultaneous translation:

– technicians are always present – physically or remotely – to ensure that the audio and video at the event reach the interpreters correctly and that the equipment is working;

interpreters listen live to the speaker as they work from wherever they want: comfortably at home, at The Hub, our “remote booth” for simultaneous translation at our offices in Milan, or elsewhere;

– the participants at the event (conference, board meeting, production site visit, press conference or event held in a bookshop or television studio) have two options: wear digital receivers or connect via an app on their online and fully charged smartphone to the remote simultaneous translation.

The benefits of remote simultaneous translation include:

  • no costs for kitting out soundproof booths;
  • interpreters can connect to our system from anywhere in the world;
  • no travel or board costs for interpreters;
  • HD audio quality;
  • dramatic reduction in set-up times when using digital receivers.

Remote simultaneous interpreting also allows participants to interact

Most simultaneous translation systems allow the audience to listen without interacting (as in the classic conference situation). When you attend a meeting, a board meeting or in any other situation where participants speaking different languages all wish to speak, you need a system that can meet those needs. Our RSI solution integrates perfectly with all the leading audio conference and video conference systems currently on the market, so all participants will be able to take the floor and interact in their first language, regardless of their location.

Multilingual e-learning with RSI

Another way to spread knowledge.

Imagine you’re organising a course but have no access to a suitable location for all your students. Imagine you also want to reach students who speak different languages. With remote simultaneous interpreting you can get everyone involved, in any language, from the comfort of home.

Don’t forget, our in-person simultaneous translation systems are always an option.