Town hall meetings

Somewhere between a company meeting and a television programme, town halls allow senior managers of a company to meet with their employees, networking the various business lines by combining flexibility and sharing. This is where management teams address their employees to set objectives, agree on operating procedures, provide updates about the latest developments, praise efforts and celebrate success or announce new challenges. The meeting is a time for motivation and meaningful contact between the parties, especially if staff are given the chance to take part in productive dialogue.

From one-sided communication to real discussion

A town hall meeting is an important opportunity to strengthen company synergy. As the productivity of an organisation depends on the joint actions of every colleague, there is no better starting point than a direct discussion. This type of collective meeting allows senior management teams to announce figures, goals, missions and useful information, all the while listening to feedback from the various company divisions. Be it through in-person participation or streaming on the company website, this type of meeting provides greater accessibility, especially for multinationals with offices across the globe and a multilingual workforce.

The advantage of a remote town hall meeting.

Virtual events allow for better engagement, more flexibility, lower costs and easier organisation. A town hall meeting held exclusively in person means bringing all or part of the staff to that location, including those who work remotely or in other cities. It also requires a suitable space to host what is essentially a television set, an extremely rigorous programme schedule and moderators who can conduct the entire event. Naturally, the larger the company, the more potential issues in reconciling various needs. But what about a virtual town hall?

A remote town hall meeting fully designed and created by CMT

You need a highly professional approach to ensure your town hall meeting can be easily followed by every participant from their own virtual workstation.

CMT can oversee the full set-up of the town hall, from video recording and audio management to live streaming on various social media platforms, as well as the customer’s website. Streaming the event ensures easy access to all participants and widespread sharing of the content. Every detail of a virtual company meeting is monitored thanks to a complete control room made up of a lighting system, video cameras for recording, an audio system, access to any external connections such as video and audio conference applications (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, Chorus Call) and a matrix switcher to ensure various on-screen viewing modes (close-up, panorama, computer sharing, slides, picture-in-picture, and more).

Simultaneous translation during town hall meetings

The organisation of a town hall meeting called by a multinational company with employees in different countries must ensure that everyone understands what is said by management and colleagues. CMT can address these needs thanks to its integrated simultaneous translation service for town halls, which is also available remotely. Our interpreters can translate speeches into other languages to make content available to everyone in real time.