Collaboration with trade associations and technological partners is essential to remain up-to-date on best practices, tools and market trends in translation. Through continuous training, technical workshops and sector conferences, we provide our project managers with all the tools they need to meet our sector’s high standards.

This is why CMT chose to join two important associations, ELIA and Unilingue, and works with various technological partners at international level.


ELIA is the European trade association for language service providers, whose mission is to speed up the commercial success of its members. Founded in 2005, it has become the main trade association for the language services sector in Europe.

ELIA undertakes to offer benefits and promote events and initiatives with one goal: to help language service providers grow. This means offering opportunities for learning, networking and developing best practices, all the while representing the interests of the language industry as a whole.

ELIA strives to maintain the welcoming and open climate for which the association is now known, where members feel like part of a growing family who collaborate to strengthen the sector

(member of the EUATC, European Union of Associations of Translation Companies)

Unilingue is the largest association of language service providers in Europe. Created under the aegis of Confindustra Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici, following the union of two major Italian associations, Federcentri and Imprelingue, the Unilingue association is a legal member of the EUATC – European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. It is the largest association within the EUATC and plays an essential role in the world of translation and interpreting in Europe. Unilingue seeks to promote and protect the interests of its associates in relation to companies and institutions, within the world of translation and interpreting, which are fundamental activities for international communication, an essential driver of enrichment and cultural and commercial evolution, a decisive force for any nation’s development. In a globalised world where economic trade and international relations are a daily and essential reality for national and transnational evolution, language service providers are the most important link in the chain of production, institutions and politics. In this context of extreme professionalism, confidentiality, specialisation and cultural importance, Unilingue associates are pleased to give you a warm welcome.