Transcreation and translation of creative texts

Words carry great importance in marketing. Creating a marketing text and convincing creative content is a painstaking and artisanal task. The choice of words used, their position and interaction determines the success or failure of a slogan, landing page, call to action or mission description. In the same way, storytelling is the Ariadne’s thread that brings the prospect to the heart of the product, service or company itself. When translating this type of content, we cannot lose any of the essential elements that make a good text an excellent text, nor can we maintain all the features specific to the original culture or target audience, since the resulting hybrid may not work on the new market. A simple translation is therefore not enough, which is why CMT also offers transcreation services.

Transcreation: nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed

The translation of a creative text for marketing purposes cannot be treated like a “normal” translation, instead it is necessary to consider various factors:

  • the target audience of the text
  • the objective in relation to the target
  • the author’s intention
  • the tone of voice to use
  • interaction between words, style and musicality
  • any cultural references to be maintained or transposed

With transcreation, texts are not only translated from one language to another, they are transported and adapted from one culture to another, taking account of all the factors that determine successful communication with the identified target. A slogan that is musical and hints at an element of local culture in one language cannot work in the same way in another market if the same references and the same structure are maintained. Transcreation is both translation and text creation and must be managed by a master of words, i.e. a specialised translator with a background in marketing and the right creativity to adapt the text to the new market. Transcreation is transformation, transmutation, transposition, and the chameleon-like metamorphosis of words which are adapted to their new target audience.

Transcreation with CMT

Like a Lego sculpture, transcreation requires stable foundations and a number of skilfully arranged bricks: a detailed briefing with the customer to analyse texts, style and target is essential for a successful transcreation project, as is the choice of the perfect translator for the job and communication between the customer and the project manager for maximum understanding of requirements throughout the project. The whole work flow is characterised by CMT’s hallmark: a craftsman’s care in developing tailor-made projects for its customers. Briefing, brainstorming, dialogue, creativity and innovative ideas – these are the right bricks to assemble a transcreation project in line with the customer’s needs.