Audio post-production: multilingual voiceover and dubbing

In an original language or translated video, words are just as important as images. Videos, shorts and MVR are constantly mentioned; from websites and social networks to multimedia platform content and television, they are the most commonly used method for immediate, versatile, and easy-to-use communication for audience impact. For these reasons, when a video format is used to convey a message, the original language or multilingual voiceover should always be done by professionals and sector specialists.

Multilingual voiceover (voiceover and interpreting)

Voiceover is the technique used to combine a speaker’s voice with an audiovisual product. Multilingual voiceover involves the translation of the original audio into one or more languages.

Translated voiceovers are carried out by various technical and interpreting experts, in one of two ways:

  • voiceover, when speech in a foreign language tends to be synced to lip movement and the volume is louder than that of the original language, which does still remain in the background;
  • interpreting, when the translation is carried out by a specialised interpreter and placed on the video after a few seconds’ delay (décalage) to give a “live” effect to the translation. In this case the volume of the speech in the foreign language is again louder than that of the original language, which can still be heard in the background.

Multilingual dubbing (voice-off)

When the original voice is entirely silent and the translated audio reproduced in the video is perfectly synced (synchronised) with lip movement, we have multilingual dubbing. This service, also called voice-off, is performed by dubbers (actors, radio or television hosts) or by native interpreters and offers top-quality results.

Audio post-production of videos with translated audio


Translation plus voiceover or translation plus dubbing services are used for adverts, short films, feature films, audio-video productions, videos for social networks and websites, multimedia platforms, television series and programmes, documentaries, films, corporate presentations, product illustrations, tutorials, university lectures and webinars.

The right partner for your video dubbing or voiceover

If you are looking for original language or multilingual voiceover and professional dubbing services, you are in the right place. CMT offers its customers turnkey services, starting with the brief, before choosing the speaker’s voice (e.g. man, woman, deep, shrill, young, mature) and creating scripts and storyboards, and ultimately the multilingual voiceover or dubbing to be added to completed videos. CMT can also carry out editing from and to any audio/video format.

More than just post-production

In addition to audio post-production, CMT can also oversee the creation of the video itself (video production and post-production), with live shoots using camera operators and directors, or through the montage of multimedia material and infographics. The footage can be generated in 2D or 3D.