Connect Me Too, the inclusive audio description system for the visually impaired

One project that lies close to our heart is Connect Me Too,the audio description and radio commentary system for the inclusion of blind and partially sighted sports fans. Originally developed to support inclusion initiatives within football stadiums, our system transcends arenas and facilities, seamlessly adapting to any sport.

Impianti per audiodescrizione.

UEFA supports the CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe) by championing solutions for partially sighted and blind people

Connect Me Too, the inclusive audio description project, was born from a collaboration between AC Milan, as the idea’s promoter, and CMT, as technological partner. The goal is to enhance accessibility during sports events, in this case football, for fans with disabilities.

Football clubs have always shown great sensitivity towards people with disabilities. Thanks to recent awareness efforts by the CAFE and UEFA, visual impairment has also become part of football teams’ social inclusion projects.

Their commitment is to make the stadium experience accessible for everyone. Thanks to Connect Me Too, blind and visually impaired fans can listen to a clear audio descriptive commentary of the match on their smartphones, provided by a specifically trained sports commentator. An incredibly detailed account and the commentator’s captivating voice, combined with our system’s high-definition digital sound, create an immersive experience. The stadium atmosphere, fan chants and cheers from the stands will do the rest, turning the match into a symphony of emotions.

Audio description for blind and partially sighted sports fans

Since 2019, CMT’s technical team has been refining the technology powering the audio description service. Initially implemented via radio, the system has undergone radical transformation and evolution over the years. Today, the service is fully digital, leveraging the 4G (or 5G) network, and is accessible via smartphones and earphones/headphones. This makes Connect Me Too highly flexible and adaptable to various sports and venues, from stadiums and arenas to gyms, tracks, swimming pools, and even racetracks. But that’s not all: audio description breaks down physical boundaries, reaching even those fans cheering from their living rooms.

Connect Me Too: the visual impairment inclusion system for all sports

The Connect Me Too audio description system is already in use in Italian football, in many Serie A and National Team matches. It recently made its debut in the Italian Lega Basket Serie A in the match between Pallacanestro Varese (the first team in Europe to bring this level of inclusion to basketball) and Reyer Venezia Mestre. Beyond stadiums and arenas, our system can be used in any facility for any sport, from volleyball and swimming to cycling, golf, tennis, baseball, rugby and even American football. It can also enrich the cinema and theatre experience for blind and visually impaired audiences.

Sharing the joys and emotions of sport is just as exciting as playing it. Or maybe even more so. Expand your horizons with Connect Me Too, the visual impairment inclusion system.

‘Passion is powerful even when you can’t see it’

Daniele Cassioli – water skier and outstanding Italian sportsman