Visual impairment inclusion systems for the partially sighted and blind

When we see the world as a colourful blur and undefined shadows, or absolute darkness, sound becomes invaluable as it represents one of the few means to successfully understand shapes, features and what is happening around us.

Impianti per audiodescrizione.

UEFA supports the CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe) by promoting the use of solutions that benefit partially sighted and blind people

Football clubs have always been sensitive to the needs of disabled people. Thanks to recent awareness-raising work by the CAFE and UEFA, visual impairment has also been included in the social inclusion projects of football teams.

Their commitment is to make the stadium experience enjoyable for everyone. But how? By hiring inclusive systems for visual impairments, partially sighted and blind fans can listen clearly, through headphones or earphones, to audio-descriptive commentary of the match, provided by a sector professional . An extremely detailed summary and the commentator’s engaging voice, combined with the sharp sound of the visual impairment inclusion equipment, will somewhat “replace” the images. The stadium atmosphere, fans and chants from the stands will do the rest, transforming the match into an eruption of emotion.

Audio description for partially sighted and blind people at the stadium

The audio description of the match is transmitted to headphones or earphones, hired by the football club and loaned to people with a visual impairment. The description is not limited to mere commentary but offers a full range of detail from facial expressions of the players and shirt colours, to the presence of flags and flares. Essentially, every single thing is narrated so that blind or partially sighted fans can enjoy the match to the fullest (Serie A, Champions League, Coppa Italia, Europa League and more).

Visual impairment inclusion systems in Italy and for any sport

Abroad, hiring visual impairment inclusion systems for fans is a consolidated practice, but it has only recently taken off in Italy. Where technology and logistics come into play, at CMT we can provide all the necessary equipment so that blind or partially sighted individuals can listen to audio-described commentary. In addition to stadiums, our equipment can be used in arenas and other locations for all kinds of sport including basketball, volleyball, swimming, cycling, golf, tennis, baseball, rugby and football.

Introducing someone to your favourite sport is just as good as playing it. Maybe even better. Broaden horizons with inclusive systems for visual impairments.

Sharing the emotion and joy of sport is as good as playing it. Maybe even better. Broaden horizons with inclusive systems for visual impairments.